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The Voice of a Woman

“If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring in a folding chair.”
~Shirley Chisholm

For many years, women have said that they do not feel their voice is being heard when they are “at the table.” Some say they are completely ignored and others say men at the table simply drown them out. This phenomenon is not new. In fact, it has been happening for centuries.

However, today, I encourage you to stand up, speak up, and state your opinion. Do not remain silent . . . especially when you know that you are the expert in the room. You have worked hard for the title of expert – use what you know!

When you stand up, speak up, and state your opinion, you are giving another woman the courage and support to do the same. So take the opportunity to roar!

Because here's the truth, your journey is not just meant for you, but it is for everyone that comes behind you! When I started writing Grateful for the Journey, I realized what I was sharing was not just for me, but it was so I could encourage those walking beside and behind me.⁠

There comes an ease to life when you’re grateful. ⁠

How are you carrying it?⁠ How are you using your voice?

If you need assistance with how to roar, visit my website, schedule a discovery session, and let’s develop a strategic plan to help you with your professional goals.

Grateful for the Journey is ready for you now at www.credleconsulting.comVisit the shop!⁠



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