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It's Not Too Late To Achieve Your Goals!

“The journey may not always be smooth, but it will take you places.”

~M. Credle, 2020

Yes! The year is coming to an end, but that does not mean that striving to reach your goal (s) should stop. Do not beat yourself up because you have not reached all of your goals. Sometimes looking at what you have accomplished is enough to be grateful for! Just like we can’t be discontent with the path that we go on in life or the present state we find ourselves in, we have to realize that our choices and our decisions have gotten us to this point now. And isn’t it where we are now, definitely not where we were? We’ve moved, we’ve grown, and we’ll keep growing until we get so big there is no more room in our current level of life! So, let’s grow in uncomfortable places. But, first, to get moving in the process of change and growth, we have to have some goals in our view.

So, let’s develop a strategic plan to achieve your goals in the coming months.

What does your strategic plan look like?

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Identify an accountability partner 2. Write down your goals and determine why they are important to you. 3. Set deadlines to achieve your goals.: Creating 4. Celebrate the successes - big and small.

If you’re still breathing, then you’re still living and that means you’re not done yet! No matter what the rest of the year looks like, you are not done. So, take these suggestions and create goals in your life that will not only stretch you but will grow you up to be able to handle something even bigger than you could imagine!

Too late? No! Never!

To learn how to be grateful for your journey in every season of life, you can purchase my book Grateful for the Journey here!



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