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Marcia Credle Inspired Enterprises is a business and community organization purposed to empower and encourage women into their destiny! Established in 2017, by our Founder and CEO Marcia Credle; we have traveled locally to states such as NC, DC, MD,&  VA to impact the lives of women. MCIE is a life-giving hub for women who are lost and discouraged to gather and receive strength. Moving you from your comfort zone to your discovery zone is more than just our motto, but it’s our strategy. Our goals are to encounter women who….

  • Want/Need to be inspired to go to another level in their personal and/or professional life

  • Want/Need to be a part of a community of authentic and supportive women

  • Are at a crossroad in their life and need the strength to make the right next step

Serving women across the state of Georgia for the past 6 years, Marcia Credle Inspired Enterprises has used the strategic tools of the Word of God and prayer to navigate women from a place of stagnation and comfort to a place of life and abundance! Women who experience MCIE receive…

  •  Authentic support and genuine encouragement for their growth

  • Non-judgmental, supportive, safe environment

  • A variety of resources for physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental needs

Marcia Credle Inspired Enterprises is here to serve you! We desire to help navigate you into your best next, without ever doing it alone!

Moving from your comfort zone to your discovery zone.

Be Inspired

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